10 Powerful Lessons on Love and Life As Taught by Beyonce
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The 10 Most “Powerful” Lessons on Love and Life Beyonce Taught Us

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  1. Suuzie says:

    This woman has worked hard and earned every accolade she has received. You can see how she has grown and matured into such a sophisticated lady, where if you listen she is putting some great advice out into the universe, for which some I am taking and happy to pass along. This is a great post….

  2. I have always admired her work ethic.

  3. NotableE says:

    How do you know she has a Nannie though? And how do you know she’s dishonest? And lastly, how are you even judging someone you don’t know or have never met?? O_o

    Anywho…I love Bey, but unlike her, I need my damn sleep! That is not optional lol

    1. Sarah says:

      You haven’t seen blue ivy’s nanny in pictures? You can stan without being daft.

  4. Sineaux says:

    So inspirational. Definitely running w/ most of this information. I strive to be as diligent and hardworking as her.

  5. Gemma Ross says:

    Lessons on motherhood? Someone who has a nannie 24/7

  6. I have loved every stage Shes transitioned into! She inspires me to stay humble work hard , & trust my instincts! Happy birthday to her! #blackgirlsrock

  7. She is a very hard worker and you never hear any stories about her having an attitude or being rude. I enjoy her period, don’t know about her bday being a holiday tho lol

    1. Sarah says:

      You don’t hear stories because anyone around her has to sign a nondiclosure. Very smart on her part.

  8. I love her!! Such a talented artist!

  9. Lilie says:

    11. The power of stealing somebody shit and say you created that.

  10. Marcia Whyte says:

    Beautiful family. Blue is so happy!

  11. She keeps wearing emerald. I noticed before she had Blue she wore a lot of Blue too! Just a thought

  12. Ashley says:

    Go Bey! Not even Stan but some of those quotes feed my spirit! I’ll saving a few.

  13. Who would take advice from someone who isn’t even honest?


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